Facilities Management in the Philippines

Maximize investments on commercial buildings, grounds, and private equipment

What KMC offers:

  • Building and grounds maintenanceBuilding and grounds maintenance
  • Equipment maintenanceEquipment maintenance
  • Supply procurement and contract managementSupply procurement and contract management
  • Maintenance of utilities and communication infrastructureMaintenance of utilities and communication infrastructure
  • Building securityBuilding security
  • Space planning and allocationSpace planning and allocation
  • Health and safetyHealth and safety

Delivering superior facilities

Working in strategic partnership with clients, KMC provides innovative and tailor-fitted solutions that are ideal in the dynamic field of facilities management. From building management compliance to strategic engineering solutions, KMC prides itself for its topnotch property and facilities management capabilities.

Who we work with:

  • Established corporations seeking maintenance of their office space
  • Local and international organizations
  • Small and medium enterprises

Through KMC's expert property and facilities management team, clients can maximize their investment on commercial buildings, grounds, and physical infrastructure.

More than management

KMC provides expert facilities management services that cater to various business scales in the Philippines. Whether it's for a 12-floor office space for a multinational, a serviced office, a fit-out for a local company, or a hotel and leisure property, its reliable team can ensure effective daily operation and maintenance of commercial buildings and grounds. Through its team of experienced property managers, the company can ensure that facilities are maintained and enhanced using cost-effective, safe, and environmentally responsible processes.

Unique, multi-disciplined approach

The team's experience in managing commercial buildings and office spaces combined with its cost-effective and sustainable property management strategies allow KMC clients to maximize their assets without the need of spending more.

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